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WL400 Firewall™ Drinking Water System

The new gold standard in workplace drinking water

The Waterlogic WL400 uses Firewall ultraviolet light to wipe out microbial impurities in your drinking water. This innovative technology purifies water to 99.9999% bacteria free. Firewall technology is uniquely certified by the Water Quality Association. The high performance reverse osmosis filtration removes sediments and other contaminants including chlorine to improve taste and odor. It sets a new standard for the cleanest, clearest water possible.

High Performance Filtration
Multi- stage filtration removes common water contaminants and chlorine to dramatically improve water taste and odor.

Firewall™ Advanced UV Purification
Firewall™ ultraviolet light purifies the water to 99.9999% bacteria free. It acts as a final barrier to pathogens right at the point of dispensing.

BioCoteŽ Anti-Microbial Protection
BioCoteŽ is a natrual anti-microbial protection built in during manufacturing to reduce microorganism growth on the equipment surfaces.