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Point-of-Use Drinking Water Systems

Bottleless Water Coolers for the Home or Office

Hydrate Hawaii offers water cooler system sales and leasing for home and business. From small offices to large facilities, our leasing program for water coolers and filtration provides superior quality drinking water without the hassle of bottles.

We design filtration systems and filter maintenance schedules to maintain the highest standards of purified drinking water available. All servicing is included in our lease agreements.


Most Economical

Waterlogic WL100 / WL100 Mini

WL2000IT / WL2000

Formerly Chiller 3
Fits any decor

Waterlogic WL2000IT / WL2000

WL850 / WL850HV

Formerly Chiller Sport
Great for high traffic areas

Waterlogic WL850 / WL850HV (Chiller Sport)